In March of 2016 I was contacted by South Wales based band Casey to provide my services of layout, creative direction and merchandising in collaboration with illustrations provided by Lukas Krol and Sophie Jeffcott to go towards the band's debut album “Love Is Not Enough” to be released in the September through Hassle Records.
When first conceptualising the colours for the artwork and composition I was kindly granted access to the first mixes of the album, through synesthesia I provided the band with a list of colourways with the framed illustration created by Sophie Jeffcott in 2015.
With the above image provided by the band I scanned an off-cut created in a screen printing session during my time at university and used it to frame the illustration and provide a more equal balance of negative space to the image as a whole.
After gaining feedback from the band, I put together a small set of colours for the release that worked in harmony together.
The choice for this colourway was favored for the release due to the band not wanting to instantly have a connection with the general visual culture of the genre's they may fit into.
For a consistent direction to germinate and solidify a “look” towards the release, we opted to use this colourway whilst maintaining the same illustrative style and framing for the digital singles.

Alongside initially securing manufacturing templates for a 4 panel digipak and LP, Vocalist Tom Weaver also wanted to create a printed book of the album's lyrics and personal works that delved further into detail behind the process of his writing and life experiences to give their highly dedicated fan base an extension of the lyrical concepts of the album.
With Casey's past merchandise being stylistically consistent and the band having already purchased designs in preparation of the album’s promotion, I was asked to provide pack-shots of a range of merchandise created by Lukas Krol that would be released in conjunction with the pre-orders for the album being announced alongside choosing placements and colourways for said designs.
An additional design was created by myself responding to the album’s title juxtaposing the lyrical themes of the album against the iconic pop art image “Love” created by Robert Indiana.
To give the typography some visual interest as to not simply re-create the inspiration of the design, I chose to add the album art's colourway as a halftone gradient, providing an underbase of white to the print to get the best representation of the colour when printed on darker garments.
Working with Casey has been a personal milestone in my career due to the nature of the project and my personal connections with the music, enabling myself to act once more upon my synesthetic tendencies of relating colour and sound but to also expand into new territories of layout design, visually atmospheric communication and creative direction for a release.
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